POWERSOLO Release Party + James Leg (US) @ La Maroquinerie, Paris [17 avril]

POWERSOLO Release Party + James Leg (US)

19:30 - 23:30

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La Maroquinerie
23 rue Boyer, 75020 Paris
Quiconque pensait que ce serait facile pour Kim de continuer sans Bo serait fou, mais PowerSolo n'est pas une chose facile, et n'aime pas les choses faciles.

Comme le disait John Dead Kennedy: «Nous choisissons de jouer avec PowerSolo non pas parce que c'est facile, mais parce que c'est dur, parce que cet objectif servira à organiser et à mesurer le meilleur de nos énergies et de nos compétences, parce que ce défi est celui que nous sommes prêts à accepter, celui que nous ne sommes pas disposés à reporter, et celui que nous avons l'intention de gagner.»

Et voilà: l'esprit de PowerSolo. Kim Kix a déjà enregistré un nouvel album PowerSolo intitulé «BO-PEEP» qui sortira le 13 avril 2018.

Rendez-vous à la Maroquinerie le mardi 17 avril pour une véritable fête.

— The Power of Solo
2018 is the year of the SOLO. The Atomic Child that so many many years rode alongside Brother Kix on a horse called Mule and defeated audiences across the Globus with his mighty axe decided to take a load off and lay his barking dawgs to rest by the fire place at Casa Railthin. Enjoying his PowerOtium looking at all the platinum records, Grannies and other prestigious awards and sparkling trophies from two decades of confrontational badassery on stage and record both, Brother Beau deserves nothing but our utmost respect and praise for his lifelong dedication to rock’n’roll and beyond.

But The PowerSolo forges on. A juggernaut through the big, black narcotic night, Kim Kix and his merry band is once again setting sail towards the clubs, festivals, dives, concert halls, your mother’s house, bars, ball rooms and other entertainment establishments. And this year they’re armed with kick-face material taken from the new PowerSolo unlimited edition long player album BO-PEEP and it’s Record Store Day un-unlimited edition 4 song companion-EP PEEK-A-BO. Both releases will be available on all futuristic megapixel bitcoin platforms and the LP will even come disguised as a CD in countries where such a thing is still a thing.

So much for the sound. The beautiful artwork was done by Martin Wild of The Courettes — a fine band that Kim Kix has produced 2 records for. The colours are bold and the designs even bolder. The final result defies description. But we’ll try: This is a fine record. Damn fine. It’s what the doctor ordered. It’s what your Father warned you against. It is highly toxic but strangely addictive. It is BO-PEEP. And PEEK-A-BO. A double whammy like you’ve never heard before. 17 inches of pure indiluted PowerSolo. Can you dig it?

As John Dead Kennedy famously said:

We choose to play in PowerSolo not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win.

And there it is: the spirit of PowerSolo. Kim Kix has already recorded a fresh new PowerSolo album entitled “BO-PEEP” which will be out in the summer of 2018. Until then there will be a lot of shows going on all over Europe with the new touring band, that we are happy to present to you now.
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