Once Upon A Time KIKI BALL @ Paris, France, Paris [10 août]

Once Upon A Time KIKI BALL


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Paris, France
Paris, Paris, France
Dear ballroom, welcome to the fairytales world.
Now it’s time to rewrite the stories with your imagination and craziness, and create your own version of all those characters that made your childhood a magic world.


👯‍♀️👯‍♂️TEAM PERFORMANCE: A war is announced between the heros in the Magic world of the kingdom. With a Little production, use your imagination to make us enter in your world. (4 people per team, two max of the same house)

La forêt enchantée (Blanche Neige, La belle au bois dormant): Captain Vinii Angels

Atlantide (la petite sirène): Captain Honeysha Juicy

Camelot (Excalibur, le roi Arthur): Captain Mona Gabbana

Arendelle (La reine des neiges): Captain Chachou UC

Dunbroch (Rebelle): Captain Yakouba Louboutin

Agrabah (Aladdin): Captain Giselle Mattel

Wonderland (Alice): Axou Venus

🐾OTA Runway (2 trophies): Cruella D’enfer
In a black and white outfit, be extra. (fur not mandatory). Impersonate the shadiest, and most cruel but classy Villain of the Tales world.

💃F.F Realness: Scarlett, Little red riding Hood,
« The better to eat you with! » in All red be sexy (cape mandatory) and be the realest cutie before getting eaten…

🕴🏼M.F Realness: PrettyBoy vs Schoolboy: Jafar vs Aladdin…
Pick a side, Pick a side (Nicki Voice)… Tonight, it’s getting hot in Agrabah between Aladdin and Jafar which one gonna be the realest in this b*tch

🏹Old Way: Robin hood.
Tonight in a medieval all green outfit, you won’t be high skilled in archery, but you will pop, spin and dip to steal the trophy in the Name of the most famous hero of middle-age.

✨Production Face: Mirror, Mirror…
In the name of the dark queen and as symbol of perfection, you will sell your face in a production (max 2minutes), with Mirror as best companion.
… Who’s the flawless of them all?

👀OTA Sex Siren: Pocahontas
As this beautiful heroine, you represent the Amerindian community. You’re here to conquer the kingdom by charming and seducing the juges using your sex-appeal and attractive body.

👑OTA performance: Pick your poison… As prince or a princess (crown mandatory) you will get a poison to go through your tens.
Who’s gonna lived « happily ever after »?

Most of all, HAVE FUN!!!
Isaiah Marciano and Wolkoff Louboutin
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